Our Motto

Soli Deo GloriaSoli Deo gloria is a Latin phrase meaning “Glory to God alone."

Together with sola fide (by faith alone), sola gratia (by grace alone), sola scriptura (by Scripture alone) and solus Christus (through Christ alone), the phrase has become part of what is known as the Five Solas, a summary statement of central tenets of the Protestant Reformation.

The phrase has been used by artists like Johann Sebastian Bach, George Frideric Handel and Christoph Graupner to give God credit for their work.

As a doctrine, it essentially means that everything that is done is for God’s glory, to the exclusion of humankind's self-glorification and pride. As Christians, we are to be motivated and inspired by God’s glory and not their own.

Statement of Purpose

Christ’s College has for its purpose to help those who are serving the Lord to be equipped to answer and fulfill the call of God in their lives. The college will assist each person to reach their educational goals for Christian ministry and service in their church or around the world.

Christ’s College is dedicated to teaching and preparing Christians to serve in places of leadership and usefulness for the Kingdom of God, but also to enable the Christian worker to obtain the recognition for their life's work and service already accomplished. Through Christ’s College the pastor, missionary or teacher may qualify for advanced placement fir a degree by their previous study and experience.  Credit is awarded for all previous ministry and work in the field of their degree program. This enables many students to achieve their requirements for graduation much faster and often in one school year or less.

All degrees offered by Christ’s College are subject to this policy. Each student's application will come with details on how to list previous work, training and education.

God has raised up Christ’s College to meet a need for thousands of people who are doing the work of the gospel in the world today, but because of circumstances beyond their control have not been able to complete the degree they need.  Now, through Christ’s College and the Advanced Placement Program it can be done!


In April 2009, the State of Florida granted Christ’s College, located in Cocoa, Florida, the right to issue degrees in Christian Education.  This college previously operated as College of the Islands. (The college still maintains that name in its ministry in the Bahamas.) The schools are a continuation of the 40 year ministry of Dr. David Ralston.

After beginning Temple Baptist Church in 1971, Dr. Ralston began the Christian Workers Course. This course of study was designed to equip new believers in basic Bible doctrines and to prepare Christians to serve the Lord in the leadership of their local church. Soon after this, men began to answer God’s call to preach the gospel. In order to meet the need for further training, Dr. Ralston began the Homiletics Course for Bible preaching and teaching. Many of the students who took this course would later become pastors, missionaries, and Bible teachers. In 1994 the Christian Workers Course and Homiletics Course was incorporated into the Commonwealth Baptist College, which was organized in Louisville, KY. That school operated as a distance learning school until 1990.

When Dr. Ralston began the Christ To The Nations Baptist Mission (CTTN), the Christian Workers Course was again put into use to offer Bible doctrine and practical training lessons for native people who were coming to Christ around the world.  Since 1999, Christ To The Nations has conducted the Pastors and Missions School for men and women who are called to missionary work and ministry. This school is held for new missionaries and others in the ministry. The Missions School has been held in Lithuania, Philippines, North Carolina, Florida and Georgia. After each school, graduates are given a Certificate of Completion. In 2003 the board of CTTN authorized the awarding of Bachelor of Arts and Science Degrees in Ministry and Missions to those who qualified through life-long commitment to missions and their experience of working in their field of ministry. The various schools that make up Christ’s College have awarded over 500 diplomas and bachelor degrees since 1974.

As Christ To The Nations continued to train pastors and workers for the various areas of the ministry, the need for college level training led us to renew the ministry of Christian Education as part of our long term work of “equipping saints and teaching.” As a result of the leadership of the Holy Spirit, the ministry is once again offering college and seminary level courses for those seeking degrees in ministry, missions, education, and related fields. The college is currently located on the campus of Bethel Baptist Church in Cocoa, FL.

Ten Education Facts

  1. There is an extreme prejudice by secular institutions against Biblically-based education. The unbelieving world has taken over almost all educational institutions except those that are privately funded by the Christian community.
  2. No public school or public college in America is allowed to teach even one course in favor of the Biblical record of creation, nor any view of God and Christ that is true to the Bible.
  3. Most historic colleges—once began by Bible believing Christians—no longer offer courses in the Bible that are true to God's Word. Most such schools offer only religious courses that attempt to destroy faith in God and His Word. (Examples include Princeton, named for the Prince of Peace, and Harvard, named after a preacher!)
  4. Thousands of dedicated servants of Christ do not have an opportunity to attend or complete college or seminary from a Bible-believing school.
  5. college graduatesChrist’s College exists to teach, train and equip pastors, missionaries and educators in their field of service.
  6. Christ’s College offers extension and distance learning, as well as life experience credit to those who seek further education and to receive a degree in their field.
  7. Christ’s College is the most affordable Christian college today.
  8. Christ’s College is an extension of the Christian education ministry begun by Dr. David Ralston in 1973. Over 700 people have received diplomas and degrees from theChristian Workers Course, the Pastors and Missions School and others, which preceded and have been incorporated into Christ’s College.
  9. Graduates of the schools which make up Christ’s College, serve today in several nations and in many fields of Christian and secular service. Pastors, teachers and other professionals have used what they learned from the Christian worldview emphasized in the curriculum and philosophy of Christ’s College to build not just a better livelihood, but also a better life.
  10. Christ’s College is a growing and effective force in the work of preparing and equipping faithful men and women to better serve the Lord Jesus Christ in their place of service.